Health & Community Services

Aged Care, Allied Health, Community Services, Dental Assisting, Disability, Early Childhood Education, Health & Nursing, Pathology and Justice courses at Kangan Institute

Health and Community Centre of Excellence

Kangan Institute is one of the largest and most trusted education and training providers in Victoria. With more than 80 years of educational excellence backed by industry connections, our graduates learn real skills and the confidence to succeed in life.
Our Health and Community Centre of Excellence delivers high quality health and community training and gives students access to state-of-the-art facilities with a focus on applied learning

Face-to-face Training

Students enrolled in our TAFE courses get access to the latest information on industry trends and practices through regular contact with health professionals, guest speakers and industry projects within community and health education.

Practical Training

We are committed to providing skilled graduates through placing a strong focus on the application of education theory in real life situations through work placement, training programs, simulated labs, and operational environments. With regular work placements, we strive to provide our students with access to the latest technologies and work practices to help them get the most out of their health education.

Simulated Situational Training

Our health and community training program focuses on promoting situational awareness through simulation based learning. Realistic scenarios and equipment allow for students to learn via guided and immersive real-life experiences. Upon completing their training and certification course, students can make the transition many different job roles and workplaces.